A content strategy should outline the goals you wish to achieve, what it intends to do and how this differs by channel. It should define how you approach content creation and clearly identify who the target audience is. Most importantly it should ensure the content you are creating is delivering the intended outcome or response with the audience.

As part of your broader marketing strategy, a well-defined content strategy will ensure you approach communications with your audience in a consistent and appropriate way.

How can I help?

  • To help you identify what you want to communicate with your audience and what outcomes you are hoping to achieve to deliver the best results for your business

  • Give insights into the types of best performing content by channel

  • Planing and development of editorial content calendars / schedules for varying audiences covering a broad spectrum of marketing messages to increase brand reach and awareness

  • Developing content programs aimed at driving conversion and providing customers with inspiration

  • Identifying efficiencies in the distribution of content across the business

  • Carrying out competitor analysis to ensure content is in line or ahead of the competitive set

  • Identifying ways to measure the success of your content via conversion, sales and engagement